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Withdrawal Policy

Please Note: You can withdraw at anytime from your “Referral Earnings”, But you can only request for withdrawal from “Post Sharing Earnings” only when you have a minimum amount of N6000 in your “Post Sharing Earnings”

Withdrawal can be done at the same time from both accounts provided you have earned at least N1000 from “Referral Earnings” i.e you must have referred at least one user to the platform.

Fees & Charges: A ₦400 withdrawal fee would be charged anytime you request for withdrawal i.e. whatever amount your request for withdrawal minus ₦400. Also please take note; we don’t pay in bits, if you are requesting for withdrawal from either accounts, we assume you are requesting for the total earnings present in your account at the time of withdrawal and thats the exact amount that would be paid to you.


Existing Members who wants to renew their listing subscription can now do that using their wallet balance on the checkout page...