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We sincerely apologize for every inconvenience caused – Recad Media

Hello Recaders and intending Recaders,

First and foremost, we apologize to everyone for the skeletal services we have had for weeks now. Part of which is the withdrawal process that has been on hold for some weeks now. Many members have been unable to access their accounts since after the upgrade and some expired untimely. The five days extension promised by the company got to less than half of subscribers and because of the backlog of requests for extension, our support team couldn’t handle the pressure which makes it look as if we are incompetent. We apologise for all these issues.

Couple of weeks back, we discovered that over 1000 users bypassed our system without subscribing to our listing service, granting them access to the publisher page. Payments had already been made to more than 500 of them requesting various amounts. This in turn affected us in the worst kind of way thereby causing a pause to payments while we try finding a solution to it. That was the reason we introduced a new policy in our withdrawal system that requires all subscribers requesting for withdrawal to present their “Voucher Code” or “Payment receipt”. This was an error from us and we take full responsibilities for it.

In view of this, all subscribers that have active accounts or their account has expired are required to RESUBSCRIBE by collecting a Free voucher code from the Agent they purchased voucher from. Vouchers will be available with the Agents starting from the 27th of November 2017. The process will run for one week. So if your subscription expired in October or you subscribed in October through November, kindly contact the agent you got your vouchers from and request a new voucher free that runs for 30days,

You will be required to provide the following information:

1. Your full name as used on Recad Media

2. Your username

3. Your email address

4. The Voucher you used to register or a full screenshot of the Order email you received when you subscribed.

5. For those that subscribed online, send a full screenshot of the email you received from Recad Media for your order.

Please note that the screenshot must be of the whole email page.

There will be no paid advert during the 1 week exercise. All paid adverts postings will commerce after re-subscription of members.

To all intending subscribers, to purchase vouchers for subscription, please contact these following agents on whatsapp only;

Agent Temi on 08032146329

Agent David on 08032660315

When we resume operation, please note that all our policies will come become effective. If you are in violation of any policy, it is advisable not to  resubscribe.

New members are advised to read our terms and conditions carefully before subscribing for our listing service.

Once again, we are sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this situation. We hope to have a longer relationship with all our subscribers.

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  1. juliet Emebo

    U guys think Wat u do is funny… When someone leave a complain on any group chat u remove the person immediately instead of talking… U want patience from ur subscribes but can’t b patience with ur fellow subscribes

  2. Adetunji George

    welcome back recad media but again i just read and share on my facebook page and no earnings has been added to my earnings i hope we are not going to experience the same issues we have in the past

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