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Recad Media’s Listing Service – The Reach Is Outstanding…

Our Listing Service is back and better with new U.I and better functionalities. With Recad Media’s listing service, your business / products has a potential reach of about 6,000,000 views in a week.

How do we achieve this, the general listing page is pushed as a sponsored post once every week, so about 6000+ publishers with 1000+ friends each posts this on their Facebook page, i believe you can imagine the reach, giving to about a 400% increase in your sales. Existing users with valid listing subscription should Proceed to https://www.recadme.com/listings/add/ to list product or business and get value for your listing fee, you can also manage your listings by CLICKING HERE. Also be reminded that subscription is only valid for 30 DAYS…

Other News: If you requested payout on 07/10/2017, kindly make use of the ‘Customer Support Chat’ on any page to fast track your payment.

Referral Earnings: We are aware that all referral earnings is showing 0 on all publisher’s dashboard, we are still working on restoring that.

Password Reset: If you are still having issues logging in, you can either make use of the password reset and wait for the reset link to get to your mail which is usually between 10mins to a couple of hours, or chat up support to reset it for you.


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82 Responses
  1. Ayodele Adeolu

    This isn’t fair ooo. I can’t see my dashboard, its saying I should renew subscription wen I haven’t earn a dime from recad. Please u guys should do something

  2. Richoluchi

    l was told that I don’t have access of which I made another payment since on 19/10/17, since then I can’t login to my account dashboard till now. I haven’t withdrawn even a kobo from Recad but I’ve committed #6,000 just because I believe in the system. Please look into my case because it’s becoming frustrating to me. Thanks in anticipation

  3. shedrack ogboji

    Are you a graduate without job?
    Or are you looking for an online job that you will register and be paid real money not member to member donations to others like mmm or mlm
    Do u really want to become an affiliate manager to be paid 50k monthly for 2 years? If u fall to any of this category then you are qualify to join Naija taxi platform and start making 50-70,000 naira monthly.if you are interested drop your whatsapp number and I will get back to you shortly or contact me
    08066101405.the earlier u register the better chance you get to earn enough 08066101405

  4. Adeyemi Muyideen

    Following the upgraded of the system, I have just once credited and my plan is gonna expired on 28th of October, I am looking forward to extending the plan as you promised.

  5. Adedeji Oyewole

    Recad Media, I joined since October 10 and have been sharing ads.However, you did not credit my account since then. Just only yesterday work. Please,check my facebook timeline for proof and rectify immediately. I want a feedback please

  6. Precious97

    The withdrawal dashboard should be released and it should be done fast…… I want to withdraw my earnings once and for all and gerraout here….
    Thank U…. Being sharing posts for almost 2months now and I’ve accumulated 10k+ but I’ve never be opportuned to withdraw those earnings…… Something should be done on time

  7. Mustapha Micheal

    Pls if i have a balance of 800 and i shared 1 post this morning after several days of upgrading o, how much is supposed to be my balance? 1200 i suppose, but that’s not the case ooo. The balance am seeing is 1000, abi na 200 we dey earn now for shares?…..not to even mention the days i would share post and i would get any earnings


    Since the time of up grading, my account was successful yesterday 29/10/2017 now kindly extend my subscription because it we expire on 02/11/2017 please kindly extend

    1. itxabdulazeez

      me too since on Saturday and Sunday am looking where to request for withdrawal on my dashboard I didn’t cseecit, and my account will expire tomorrow and I didn’t earn Notting please admin look into this

  9. Samuel Esuagum

    Hi, yesterday I was credit with just #200 for sharing, took it for a mistake and today the same thing. So Wats d issue?
    Is it now #200 for posting?
    Cos as it stands, u are oweing me #400 already and I hop it is refunded and also hop it doesn’t continue.

  10. Kuteyi Oluwaloye Vincent

    I don’t know what’s happening ooo….instead of me being given #400 on each post, its #200 I’m being rewarded with…..admin pls whats going on

  11. Patrick

    Hi Sir/Ma, since I reset my account yesterday I can no longer login except through the mail sent to me
    2 . I now get 200 as against 400 each ads
    3. I haven’t withdraw before due to long time of inaccessible can I withdraw 3000?

  12. Daniel Kalu

    Good morning recadme, I have been trying to resolve an issue since I joined this group but all effort proved to be abortive. Ever since I joined, I’ve been sharing and posting but have not earned a kobo; still showing zero naira on my dashboard. I committed a lot on this just because of my trust towards it. Please I need it to be resolved as soon as possible cos my account will soon be expired. Thanks in anticipation.

  13. Orungba Abayode Amos

    Pls admin my account is going to expire on 4 November before all your site maintenance problems u people promise urs that our account ll be extended now no extension showing now…. Pls admin see to my account extension av never earn upto 4000 naira… Usernamen: Orungba5…. Email: Orungbaabayodeamos@yahoo.com…….. Thanks

  14. Suliat Omolara Badmus

    Hello sir, I omolara, am new participate of this platform, Pls my dashboad does not credit anytime i share the post, I don’t get the earning system anymore my earning is not been added up.please admin.rectify this, please help me, my number is 09032088507

  15. Oscar Emukai

    Recad. I posted and you guys gave me #200 instead of #400. You should have given me more for wasting my time. Now you want me to renew my account with only #600 in it. Please try your best and resolve this issue.

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