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Need money? Want to look Great? And also have fun in the process? – Sponsored

Need money?
Want to look Great?
And also have fun in the process?

Then why not try Oriflame today.
Not only do you become your own boss, but you get to make good profit according to your determination.

What is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a 50 year old swedish company which deals with Natural products which range from perfumes, body scrub, hair products, skin care, anti ageing cream etc. All the products are organic and with a meager sum of #2990 you can become a consultant and enjoy all the benefits.

What are the benefits of being a consultant??

• Apart from being your own boss, you get to make a good amount of money,with Oriflame giving a 30% income for any product sold. That is, you get 30% gain from any product you sale.

•You also get to buy goods at a consultant discount. Products sold at #10,000 to normal customers are being sold at #7,000 to you.

• Also performance discounts are given to those who have sold a good number of goods monthly. And hence you pay less and buy more.

• Then the icing on the cake, Cash rewards.
The Cash rewards ranges from #150,000 to #150 Million . Again this is determined by your Hardwork and Determination.

•Travelling to other countries been a dream of yours? Well good news ’cause you can achieve that dream with Oriflame. Consultants travel all around the world all expense paid for Seminars.

Oriflame is more than a business, its a lifestyle

Make that decision to change your situation.



Oily face?
Can’t keep that make up on for too long because the oil factory in your face is always on overdrive producing more than your face ever needs?
Get the quick fix with Oriflame’s Love Nature Face toner and Face lotion to help combat that oily skin and also get rid of blemishes and purify the skin, by tightening the the pores and provides hydration for oily skin.

For those pimples and acne,those dark spots that have refused to go. After having gotten the perfect dress, your face seems to be the only thing with a question mark. How about changing that. Get the full set of Oriflame’s Essentials, which consist of the Scrub for those stubborn Pimples and spots, “the Face cream* to brighten up your face (NOT BLEACH) and the * Body Lotion* to give your entire body a radiant refreshed glow with the help of the Natural Lightening Pomelo extract. Also having UV filters to help protect the skin from the Sun’s harmful rays and enhance the skin’s natural fairness.


There is nothing more annoying than having different shades of skin colour. Your face is light but your arms are two shades darker, let’s not even bring up the knuckles. How about an easy fix with Oriflame’s Even Tone Cream. It reduces the production of Melanin and helps red rid of sun induced dark spots, with added Sun Protection Factor,SPF20, that protects the skin from harmful UV rays and pollution, given you that overall Even tone that you want.
Very effective for a very low price.


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