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Dear Esteemed Stakeholder of Ogun State,


I bring warm felicitations and greet you most cordially as a true patriot and an eminent stakeholder of our dear state.

My name is Solomon Olamilekan Adeola popularly known as YAYI. I was born 48 years ago in Alimosho, Lagos State. My father, Ayinde Adeola Ogunleye of blessed memory, hailed from Onibata Compound, Ago Isaga, Pahayi, Ilaro Yewa South Local Government Area Of Ogun State while my mother Mrs Abeni Olasumbo Ogunleye Nee Akinola also of blessed memory was from Kilaso Compound , Kemita Odutolu, Abeokuta In Present Day Abeokuta South Local Government Area.

My parents acknowledeged the inimitable value of education; hence they put me on that path early in life. After my educational pursuits and having majored in accountancy, a discipline i had always loved since childhood, i cut my teeth as a young professional at the guardian newspaper where i served with unblemished record for about 12 years in accounts department and rose to the position of accountant. I resigned voluntarily from the guardian newspaper and worked briefly as an auditor with Olatunji And Company before establishing my own accounting/auditing Firm, Sootern Consulting.

To the glory of God, I rose to the pinnacle of my profession. I am a fellow chattered accountant and a member of the Chattered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. I am a tax consultant for numerous companies spanning the length and breath of Nigeria. I am happily married and blessed with wonderful children.

Based on my positive developmental contribution to my immediate community in Alimisho, i was invited to join politics in Lagos State. Through God’s inimitable grace and the overwhelming wish of the people, i was elected as a state legislator for two terms of 4 (four) years each, a member of the federal house of representatives for a term of 4 (four) years and a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing the largest Senatorial district in Nigeria in terms of population, the position i am currently occupying.

At the Lagos State house of Assembly, i was made the chairman of the finance and appropriations committee and in league with other members put in place at the bills that ensure the success of Lagos State in accessing the much needed world bank loan at such crucial period in history of the state. Some of these bills included the fiscal responsibility act, the public procurement act and the audit act. Also with the support of other members, i was able to put in place a bill that granted the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, autonomy from Lagos State ministry of finance. In the same period, i served in various other committee of the house, some of which included science and technology, public accounts and health.

At the Federal House Of Representatives, I was appointed the chairman of the only constitutionally recognized committee, the public account committee where I served meritoriously. there, in company with other members, I ensured through a bill now an act, the removal of the auditor general office from being an appendage of the accountant general’s office which granted its autonomy to enhance non-interference.

Presently at the Senate, I am the Chairman, Senate Committee on Local Content having previously served as the Deputy Chairman, Senate Committee on Communications. I have also at the Senate, sponsored 17 Bills out of which 2 have been passed and others are at different stages of passage. I have also been conscientious in discharging my duties and supporting people oriented bills especially those ones that could wipe off poverty from the faces of the common man.

My dear stakeholder, I have keenly followed successive administrations in the State and I greatly appreciate their immense contributions for which I give kudos. Ogun State is work in progress and no doubt all persons who served this state either as civilian Governor or military administrator have been instrumental in making the state the current beautiful edifice we all can be proud of. May the effort of our founding fathers and our past leaders not be in vain.

I also must say that prior to this time, I have always contributed my quota to the development of Ogun State and my people in the areas of empowerment, philanthropy, community projects, and scholarships. From 2011 however, I began to take an active interest in the politics of the state with a view to contributing in a bigger and more impactful manner to her development. I therefore contributed to build support for the party, ACN and later APC and the incumbent administration of Ogun state through empowerment and mobilization activities towards the 2015 general elections. At some point the idea of contesting for the Ogun West Senatorial seat was mooted and pursued but was later dropped in deference to party leadership and loyalty.

My fellow citizen, having gathered experiences in the private sector and served in government at different levels, I have decided to bring to bear the rich and diverse experiences I have accumulated over the years to the service of my people and my dear Ogun State. A Yoruba adage says ‘ Tí ọkọ̀ bá rò kún, tó ròsà a padà sí èbúté’. Another also says ‘ilé labọ̀ ìsinmi oko. I therefore see 2019 as that opportunity to come home and contribute at a higher plane to the development of my dear state. I am back home to avail my bountiful experiences, my luxuriant network of connections and my God-given resources acquired over the years in the service of my people and my state. I have embarked on widespread consultations in all the nook and crannies of the state and the acceptability has been irresistible and overwhelming. I have also commissioned studies on developing the huge resources of the state to increase our capacity, shore up our revenue, fill the huge infrastructural deficit in most parts of the state and ensure uncompromisingly even distribution of resources among others.

I therefore wish to formally inform you of my decision to contest for the exalted position of Governor of Ogun State in 2019 and humbly solicit for your valuable and unflinching support in consummating this task. My vision is to serve the people, lead a government that is all inclusive and providing developmental initiatives that are sustainable and positively impactful on the mass of our people. Indeed it is time to serve my state and I am totally ready and unwavering in my commitment. I come with a pristine desire for development, a stronger vision of hope, a greater depth of vigor and strength as intermix that would propel our dear state to a more enviable status; an economically viable enclave, a hub of modern development, an haven of investors, an anchorage of prosperity and above all a place of absolute peaceful coexistence.

As a valued stakeholder and eminent citizen with far reaching influence in the affairs of Ogun State, I consider your support very critical in making this vision a reality. Therefore, I most humbly and passionately seek for your support in this vision to elevate our dear state to the 21st century space and collectively take her to higher pedestals.

May the blessings of God endure in your life forever and may the Ogun state of dream be realised in our lifetime. As I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you for further discussion in no distant future, please find below my contact handles in case of suggestions, advice and strategies on actualizing this vision. Attached is my biography detailing my life, history, philosophy, family and my modest contributions so far in making my society a better place.

Kindly accept the assurances of my highest regards for you always.

Yours sincerely,

Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, FCA (YAYI).

Ọmọ Ògùn Ìṣe yá! Long live Ogun State!

Address: 10 Olatunde Adubu, Ibara GRA, Abeokuta

Phone No: 09030001319
Email: adeolaolamilekan2005@yahoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/olamilekanyayi

Twitter: www.twitter.com/yayiadeola

Website: www.ogun4yayi2019.org

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