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Introducing Recad Media Business Starter…

Recad Media launches another Digital Marketing Platform today “RECAD LX” https://recadlx.com” for small scale businesses and startups to market and advertise their business and products at an affordable and reduced rate and still reach out to more than 50% of their target audience giving an increase of up to 200% in sales.

Our Methodology & Strategy of Marketing remains the same, unlike “RECAD X”. We engage over 3000+ Affiliate Publishers with over 500 friends each on Facebook to Publish your Advert Contents on their Facebook pages, giving you a reach of up to 1,500,000 potential customers daily. To reach out to up to 6,000,000 potential customers daily, visit “https://www.recadme.com/advertising” for more information.

The minimum requirement to work as a publisher for “RECAD LX” is 500 Facebook friends, and an active subscription to our listing service is also required to access the “Starter Dashboard”.

In other news…Recad Media to launch “RECAD ACADEMY” on the 6th of November, 2017. A free E-Learning platform for both basic & major professional courses in all fields, with exams and certificates. This would be made available only to active members of “RECAD X” & “RECAD LX”.

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  1. Precious97

    What exactly is wrong with this Recadx? I registered on the 13th of Sept and I was able to accumulate 8k before they went on the maintenance.. I tried logging in my account but the reply I got was account subscription has expired..still yet I paid another 3k for the reactivation thinking that when they activate it I would be able to withdraw my earnings but right now I can’t even find the 8k on my account and secondly wasn’t credited for the post I shared…. Something should be done about this and it should be done on time

  2. Rihanat Muritala

    What is the meaning of all this rubbish?recad has turn to scam oooo.was unable to login and I was told to reset my password,which I did,i registered since sep23 and now telling me oct21,and I earn 5200 but I logged in now couldn’t find the money there again,what I could see is one stupid statement says (mycred_my_balance)I don’t know the meaning ooo.abeg help me ask this so people called recad..u no fit collect my money run oooo.

  3. Sheggdan

    Scam scam scam….fuck fuck fuck…….You guys should just return my #3000 ….after wasting a lot of data to share the fucking post just to earn the fucking naira And the best fucking thing you can offer is Scamming in Disguise….Keep telling the same false shi everyday!….You are nothing but an Economic meltdown opportunist!!!

  4. Evioghene Uwede

    Interested in making up to 10k and a minimum of 2k weekly by simply posting ads on Facebook?

    Please do not misunderstand this not ponzi nor is it a get rich quick scheme. How much time you put into it reflects on how much you make.
    But ultimately you should earn atleast N2000 every week and that’s 8000k minimum or 40k in a month.

    Plus there is a fee of N3000 every month

    So as students this is ideal for making extra money.

    If you’re interested and serious about this send me a message
    Or join the whatsapp group

  5. Stephen Uzoma

    Pls Recad, each time i try to update my bank account detail, something like this will always pop up ””’Payment Service Settings are not set properly”””. pls, what is the problem and how do i go about that?????

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