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Important Updates: Please Read Carefully


Hello Subscribers,

Please read carefully before requesting for Free Voucher.

Recad Media is the first company in Nigeria to promote Advertisers content by sharing its revenue with her members thereby creating source of income for many average Nigerians. This is our objective.

Few months ago, you all can recall that we had so many downtime with our server and traffic. We were under cyber attack week after week by dubious people who wants to bring down the company in order to start a copycat websites like Recad Media in order to defraud many innocent Nigerians. Our technical team and our hosting company did a great deal of work to fight back the waves of attack on Recad Media website.

While all these was going on, some fraudulent subscribers in a bid to bring down the company, bypassed our subscription payment system and registered 1,238 free accounts on our database. They shared adverts and earned from it. They referred themselves through the same fraudulent way and got enormous amount of referral earnings.

By the time we discovered this hideous act, most of them have already requested for withdrawal and we paid more than half of them from the Post Sharing Earnings and Referral Earnings. We were defrauded in tune of millions.

This fraudulent act crippled our activities for weeks because we were left with an unstable system and a deficit difficult to overcome.

We have been working on securing our platform and website for weeks now and by God’s grace we are putting all that behind us and Recad Media is RESTARTING.

For us to achieve this, we have highlighted how our system is going to operate from now on in the list below.
If you are not satisfied with any of our terms and conditions listed below, PLEASE don’t apply for the Free 30days Voucher to re-subscribe. Any complaint about our new Mode of Operation will NOT be entertained.

1. On Sunday 26th of November, 2017, there will be a system reset and every account will start afresh.

2. In view of No 1, all earnings, both Referral Bonus and Post Sharing Earnings will be reset to 0.

3. All withdrawal requests submitted in the past will be cancelled.

4. On Monday 27th of November, 2017, everyone that subscribed between 10TH OF SEPTEMBER TO 10TH OF NOVEMBER 2017 will get Free 30days Voucher for re-subscription.

5. ‎Every subscriber that falls within No4 and agrees with our terms and conditions should contact these agents on whatsapp;

Agent David
Phone No: 08032660315

Agent Temi
Phone No: 08032146329

Agent Mojeed
Phone No: 07061278162

Agent Chyblaq
Phone No: 07067060141

Agent Lizzy
Phone No: 07066545119

You will be required to provide the following information before you can collect the Free Voucher Code.
a. YOUR FULL NAME as used on Recad Media

Online subscribers are required to provide the screenshot of the email they received from VOGUE PAY when they paid online.

Please note that the screenshot must be of the whole email page.

6. This exercise will run for 7 days, from Monday 27th November 2017 to Sunday 3rd December 2017. Any subscriber interested in continuing with Recad Media should apply for the Free 30days Voucher Code within this period.

7. There will be no Paid advert during the 1 week exercise. All Paid Advert Postings will commence after the re-subscription exercise.

8. ‎‎All intending subscribers can purchase their Voucher Codes for subscription from these agents. Whatsapp only please.

Agent David
Phone No: 08032660315

Agent Temi
Phone No: 08032146329

9. All our POLICIES are now effective.

10. In order to make up for losses on both sides, we decided to give out this Free 30days Voucher Codes and also include Instagram Share for subscribers to earn. (Provided you have the number of followers required.)

Thank you.
Recad Media

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  1. Basil Bassey

    Tell me gureje to give me my voucher code or my money or else I will go to press and I will brand you guys as scam and I will make sure I trace him or any of you guys and get my cash coz since last three weeks I paid money to his account I haven’t gotten my cash so you guys should tackle that problem


    Good morning ma/sir
    Am having problem with my recad media account
    I was having #4000 on it but wen i logged in yesterday By balance is #0
    Pls whats wrong

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