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Earn Up To ₦600 Daily & Also Reach Up 6,000,000 Potential Customers Weekly

Recad Media launches another Digital Marketing Platform today “RECAD LX” https://recadlx.com” for small scale businesses and startups to market and advertise their business and products at an affordable and reduced rate and still reach out to more than 50% of their target audience giving an increase of up to 200% in sales.

Our Methodology & Strategy of Marketing remains the same, unlike “RECAD X”. We engage over 3000+ Affiliate Publishers with over 500 friends each on Facebook to Publish your Advert Contents on their Facebook pages, giving you a reach of up to 1,500,000 potential customers daily. To reach out to up to 6,000,000 potential customers daily, visit “https://www.recadme.com/advertising” for more information.

The minimum requirement to work as a publisher for “RECAD LX” is 500 Facebook friends, and an active subscription to our listing service is also required to access the “Starter Dashboard”.

Sponsored posts are pushed for publisher’s between Mondays – Sundays, public holidays included.

As publishers, you can earn up to ₦600 daily…

Read More about the Starter Publisher Program at https://recadlx.com

Recadlx is a subsidiary of Recad Media

117 Responses
  1. Nwakpu Obiageli

    Please I made a mistake during registration… I registered someone with wrong email address…. I registered with this email Dubbymama24 @yahoo.com instead of Dubbymama24 @gmail.com… And right now she can’t resist her password just because of it.her username is Dubbymama24…. Please is there any hope for her…email me here: Nwakpuobiageri@gmail.com

  2. Oluremi Ayoola

    *Good afternoon. On 19/10/2017 I shared three post from recad media but since then it didn’t show on my earning. As if that’s not enough , l also shared a post not long ago today yet nothing is showing on my earning. Please support group see to this. Thanks.

  3. Abiola Onasanya

    Please help me extend my expiry date because the times I wasnt able to perfom any shareing of ads here was when your site has problems and u said we should not worry, please extend my expiry date from 3rd November to 14th November 2017.


  4. Oyewole Stephen

    Please kindly extend my subscription on stephendrift@gmail.com. Am sure the Recadmedia knows this month was from one maintenance to the other, more than 10days lost from my validity period. Besides I have still not been credited for a lot of posts, still no earning . I don’t understand you guys anymore!!!

    1. Adewusi Olorunfemi

      Good day Sir/Ma,

      Here’s a new verified & legit way to make money online.

      *Your Acct 301XXXX449 Has Been Credited with NGN945.00 On 13-OCT-2017 09:26:00 By FIP:GTB/INFOLITE INTERNATI/NIP FROM INFO.*

      I just love the sound of alert! ????
      Who knows of MNR? 

      Well, its a site that pays you for doing what you ordinarily do online like uploading Pictures, Voting in Polls, Commenting on pictures, reviewing businesses, movies and referring others etc. 

      The site has been online since around 2015.

      Now, once you sign up and verify your phone number, you get 1500 points. If you upload your first pics, you get 100 points, once you add friends, you get 20points/ friend etc. You also get point for reviewing businesses and movies which is targeted at helping people avoid scam.

      *if you don’t believe, you can signup and verify your phone number, that’s 1,500 points for you. Then simply redeem the points for 100 Naira cash.*

      For every person you refer, you get 500 points once the person redeem his points for cash.

      1000 points == #100 Naira airtime.

      2000 points == #400 Naira airtime

      3500 points == #1,000 Naira cash (bank transfer)

      You are not investing a dime, save time and data.

      Kindly sign up with the referral link below:???

      If you friends register through the MNR App, they MUST enter this code in the Referral ID text field: 929762674

  5. Ebenezer Gabriel

    Please if ones account is been extended, how do one know?? What and where will the changes imply. For urgent response to…. If you are answering me, here is my whatsapp number 07061683503

  6. Adedeji Oyewole

    Dear Recad, you promised to makeup for all the wasted days by giving 5adds daily to share . Besides the first show, you have reduced the ads to ONE from FIVE. Why is this sudden reduction? All my earnings from October 10 I registered did not reflect. Earnings only showed on dashboard from 25th October. This is a complete departure of what you claim. Your integrity is at stake here!

    Please, look into this and revert

  7. Jerrio

    pleased o… help me extend time for … username: Favour60 email :oghenevwayerhegift@gmail.com
    she has not withdraw for once before the account expire due to the maintenance pls help.

  8. Orungba Abayode Amos

    Attention.., new recad media
    payment formula
    #200 for Facebook share +#200 Twitter share Making 400 naira expected income on posting share….. Respect to admin

  9. Nwakpu Obiageli

    This site is very frustrating from one problem to another.. I shared advert today and I was created with just #200 instead of #400.. What is the meaning of this rubbish…. Even the the extension they promise people. They have refused to give it… Their support is the worst…. Please my people let’s say no to networking business… Because all of them are scammers.

  10. Iheme Kelechi

    Recad, I was being credited with #200. If there’s a new policy, why not implement it next month. I didn’t earn enough before you guys had this maintenance problem. Then when it was fixed, my account was said to expire when truly it wasn’t. Now you gave me an extension of 5 days in which I’m being credited with #200 for a post that I should earn #400. Why?! This is surely not the way to go. Besides, I don’t have up to 10 followers on twitter let alone 1,000 followers. Kindly, rectify this issue as soon as possible cos’ your image and integrity is at stake here.

  11. Joy ogba

    Please get Twitter account because it’s compulsory that all participants share on both Twitter and Facebook to get the complete earning…. Your Twitter account must have not less than 1000 followers…… Every share on your Facebook account is #200. And every share your made on Twitter is #200. Make it #400 but what is the faith of those that has no Twitter account because the policy says that we must not have less than 1000 followers in the twitter…. Please Recad reconsider on the to avoid losing your faithful participants.

  12. Adetunji George

    i have written to support severally and till this very moment i have not gotten any reply from you and i even wrote through the chat medium we were advised to drop our emails in the message box that you will respond through the email even as we speak no response or reply to all my complains. Is the support active and effective

  13. Adetunji George

    my account is due to expire on the 29th October please extend it by 5 days to make up for the wasted days during your upgrade and also what happen to all the ads shared during the maintenance issue and we were not been credit for them. i still shared ads to at least 24th October and i was not credit for them. please admin do something

  14. Adetunji George

    i really do not understand oo. i just shared a ad now to my facebook and when i check my dashboard my earnings only increased by 50% which is NGN200. so what is happening again so we are not going to experience some difficulties again. i was been credited with NGN200 and not NGN400.Please Admin look into this my email is tunjibabatunde25@gmail.com

  15. Adetunji George

    my account is due to expire on the 29th October please extend it by 5 days to make up for the wasted days during your upgrade and also what happen to all the ads shared during the maintenance issue and we were not been credit for them. i still shared ads to at least 24th October and i was not credit for them. please admin do something.
    email: tunjibabatunde25@gmail.com

  16. Olayemi Owolabi

    Kindly extend my subscription as promised.. I registered on 6th of October, couldn’t start sharing until October 9th after which the maintenance took off. Biko 3000 naira no be small change o

  17. Alexander Ebinum

    I WS credited for 200 instead of 400 naira. What is going on again after wasting over 10 days earnings, Recad? You don’t even respond to issues when written.

  18. Rabiu Aminat

    My account expiration date is 1st of November and i haven’t been able to get much earnings which i ought to receive before it expires because of the login issues with recad site please kindly extend my subscription date.
    Also,the total amount of sponsored Ads that i shared on my Facebook page is 8 equal to N3200 but it’s reflecting N2600. Please kindly see to that.
    Have a nice day.

  19. Emmanuel Hyacinth

    my downline is unable to reset her password tru her phone,i tried help her with mine but is not working,,,i dont kw if u cant access another account on the same phone…pls help out…i want to kw

  20. Chikeluba Cyprian

    I shared today’s post,and earned 200 instead of 400,making my total earning 5800 instead of 6000.please retify,i was intending to request for withdrawal after today’s Post sharing, but i don’t know why my earning was not complete. My membership plan say my account will expire on 1st November. Please retify my account

  21. Rita Doo

    ‘ve not been paid for the last 3 ads I shared, and due to the upgrade, I haven’t earned just 3600 and my expiray date is 28 October, pls kindly extend my subscription

  22. Ayoola Isaac

    Kindly extend my subscription Pls, i haven’t be able to do anything since d day i registered, the current one will expire on the 6th November, Pls add 2 weeks for me ooo coz your site went off for good two weeks. Also, my 2000 referral bonus is nowhere to be found on my dashboard again.. My username is Zecko25 and email is Isaacayoola64@gmail.com

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